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Advantages of Purchasing an Existing Pagosa Home

With the rising costs of building materials and labor, more and more people are turning to existing homes in the Pagosa Springs market. Less time-consuming and more cost-effective than building from scratch, many buyers have discovered that their dream home isn’t years away, it’s on the market now. With the process of buying an existing home completed, remodeling is an option that will allow you to shape your house into the home it should be. Professional REALTORS® and brokers can offer assistance in making the decision to buy your home more comfortable. As always, get to know your agent and be sure you’re comfortable with their personality and reputation before buying.

First, identify your needs to the agent so you can be sure they will have the necessary information to find exactly what you are looking for. A good agent won’t pressure you into a home you don’t want. A good place to start is actually with your banker or lender.  When you know how much you’re comfortable spending, your agent has a good idea of what kind of homes you wish to see. Don’t be afraid to look at homes that are just above your price range, but make sure your agent knows your financial situation.  

Second, be as specific as possible about the type of home you want. For example: the style you prefer, the number of bedrooms you need, the number of baths, the approximate size the home should be, and so on. Is a garage important? Do you need a home on one level? The more information you give your agent, the better they will be able to serve you. You may want to drive around the neighborhoods you like and identify the homes you find attractive.

Third, where do you want to live? Although you may have a specific location that you prefer, there are many beautiful places in Pagosa Springs. Some subdivisions are hidden in the woods and aren’t visible from the main roads. Your agent can tell you the positive and negative aspects of most areas. Remember, if you rule out certain neighborhoods this will narrow your number of choices. Be as flexible as possible and at least be willing to look at homes in a variety of locations. There are a lot of very nice homes available, and the one you finally choose may not be in the area you thought you preferred.

Each price range has a fine selection of homes on the market. As members of the local Multiple Listing Service, our office can help you with any of them. In fact, we make it our business to know the entire inventory of the county.