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Domes allow Coloradans to go from ‘Alaska to Florida in one step – Pagosa Springs

PAGOSA SPRINGS – Traveling down U.S. Highway 160 in southern Colorado, you’re bound to notice a strange sight: dozens of geodesic domes built deep within the San Juan Mountains.

“[Travelers] see them all over, because we have 85 domes here,” Puja Dhyan Parsons, the CEO of Growing Spaces, explained. “They see them coming in from Durango and ask the [chamber of commerce], ‘Where are they being made?'”

The answer is easy because Growing Spaces has been based here for 22 years. During those two decades, Puja and Udgar Parsons have built the specially-designed greenhouse domes and encouraged people to garden year-round in an effort to make families more environmentally responsible and self-sufficient.

“Well, I’m surprised because we’ve been a voice in the wilderness for about 17 years. For the past five years we’ve had the best success,” Puja Parsons said.

She attributes increased sales to the new national interest in green options, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama’s garden at the White House.

Plus, some Growing Spaces owners have found having a dome provides them with a tropical getaway all year, without the expensive airline tickets.