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Resort Area Acreage Sites in Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs Vacant Land: Small Acreage

Here’s a question: why buy a 3 to 5 acre parcel rather than a lot? Usually, the answer is simply more elbowroom. Some people prefer the feeling of a neighborhood for social reasons, (which is important for some people with children) or they may like the convenience of being closer to the recreational amenities like those that Pagosa Lakes offers. But others may choose to have more privacy and the seclusion, which a 3 to 5 acre parcel offers. Even though horses may be allowed, some people just want more room between them and their neighbor. This sounds especially nice if you come from an area where the houses are lined up one after another.

One big misconception I’ve discovered is that there is a great deal more maintenance on 3 to 5 acres than on a smaller lot. In reality, most owners feel comfortable leaving the property in its natural state with little or no maintenance except for right around the house.

Most 3 to 5 acre homesites have central water available and are usually located in subdivided areas. Knowing that you will have good water is a big benefit, compared to some larger acreage pieces where drilling a well is necessary. Realize if you choose an acreage parcel, you will need to install an individual septic system when you build which can cost an average of  $3000 to $4500.

La Plata Electric policy now states that all new electric lines shall be placed underground, so check with them about this if you don’t already have electricity to your favorite parcel. Find out what it will cost to bring electricity to the property.

You should also find out who is responsible for the road maintenance—the county, the developer, or the property owner’s association.

Understand the restrictions and covenants that pertain to the property. This is especially important if you plan a home or outbuilding relatively close to a property line or if you want to have animals. Your agent may not know the answers to all these questions, but they’ll be happy to find out the answers for you and to recommend someone to help in technical matters like costs of electric lines or septic systems.

 There are many areas to choose from offering 3 to 5 and even 10 acre and larger  parcels offering a variety of terrain, amenities, improvements, mountain views and wooded properties. Let us help you find the right area and the best value for you.